October Let this month take you closer to your dreams. 🦋

Ready to challenge yourself and make your life more fulfilling ? If so girl wide chatter is for you . Live a life filled with optimistic outlooks , ispiratiaonal views and worthy of your greatest potential. With insight on certain life experiences George S. Patted once said “Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.” Walk a mile with jay and let’s make this a journey to remember.

This Is a safe space for all women. We can learn , grow and chat in a positive format.

Let this be your theme song everyday just a reminder that we are all queens:

Click on tabs for daily quotes ,uplifting word of the week ,short clip chronicles, Mind ,Body & Soul ,featuring ..& chit chat time.

By Walk A Mile With Jay

Be A Listening Ear & A Calming Spirit

6 replies on “GirlWideChatter”

I think this is a great thing, that you ladies are doing. I hope you guys are able to touch so many women and help them. It’s not a lot of people that have someone they can vent to.

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Thank you now we’re working on promotion. Yes that’s the reason for it having things all bottle in and feeling alone is so stressful on the mind. So we wanted to make a space the free and safe ! Once again thank you .😊 Visit whenever you like !

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Aww it been a very crazy month, but the kool thing is this month celebrities us women ❤❤
Tomorrow is a new month to do it all over again. Congrats in this new Jorney to come together and chat and share together.. Thanks Have a bless night

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Thank you greatly appreciated. We are here to chat anytime life allows us to. Yes this month is indeed a month that celebrates a women, but we can celebrate and come together anytime ,any day & any week have a great night. 😘

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