About me

Hi everyone my name is Ja’Lynn but i go by jay im 26, a gemini yes the sign of the twin but a all around introvert. I love reading, writing, doing community services projects and doing diy projects always keeping my mind going. Also i’m currently taking classes for becoming life coach.

For along time I’ve been thinking about creating a blog or forum of some type. My aniexty ,thinking of the what if’s hinder me. Then i thought why not ? Sometimes when im going through trials i wonder are others dealing with similar trials as well ,If the information I have came across , researched and learned if sharing it with others could and would it help others. Creating a space to share when we have been at our lowest but also our highest, information to help our present and futures.

My passion is to helps others in anyway I can. I have decided to share pieces of my life with anyone who is willing to listen and hear. Also share all the information that i have learned and have been giving to me . Self-love and self -care are one of the most important part to a healthy and positive life . This is a safe place and feedback is welcome . I would like to hear from you all as well make this your space. My slogan is be a calming spirit & a listening ear, Sometimes all you need is a different outlook and different tools to deal and handle certain situations. So come walk a mile with jay on the new endeavor start this chatter and let it be a girl thing!.Yours truly Jay….