Mind , Body ,Soul

Some of my daily affirmations! Reminders to myself everyday!

Some healthy habits to have. When your more in order you will feel better ,Inside and out.

This page will be about things that I think might be useful either for your mind ,your body or for your soul. Somethings might fit you something might not be either way it will be right here for you enjoy!

I took a survey from different women and the questions I asked was . “What is something you do for self care.”Here are the answers we came up with.

How is your moral compass? What are some things you would like to work on having ?

We can’t stress over things we can’t control let’s just focus on us. Here are some things we can control.

I practice mindfulness meditation & Loving kindness meditation. Something very simple but helps me release any tension that I may be feeling in my body. Give it a try.